Flavors is closely related to food safety and quality must be attention

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Flavors with source diversity, variety, wide application, etc, can be widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other health products the production process, can obviously improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness.

Perfume fragrance is a kind of important food additives, can be used in a variety of food production and processing, flavors safety is closely related to food safety and quality, has been more and more attention to industry insiders. In the recently held in Shanghai during the period of "2015 China flavors security technology BBS", food additives and food safety once again become a hot topic in the delegates to focus on.

For security, security flavors must be extracted from the material selection, technology, workshop sanitation, health and other efforts in many aspects. In the process of production, the use of dynamic disinfection technology, clean production technology, dual-core ozone sterilization equipment, the whole quality management measures, which can effectively improve the sanitary conditions of the factory, prevent harmful material such as microorganisms, dust pollution of flavors, so as to improve the safety and quality of flavors.

Product safety is a hot topic in today's social widespread concern, is also the most high-profile technology related industries and enterprises. To discuss flavors the hot issues of the industry, discuss the benign development of the industry, in the national light industry essence industry productivity promotion center, Shanghai institute of applied technology, under the support of Shanghai institute of spices, flavors and cosmetic research center in Shanghai on April 17, 2015 in Shanghai held a "2015 China flavors security technology BBS".

 The correct use of food additives to food safety

According to Shanghai food additives and ingredients industry association secretary-general JiHeLi professors in new product development process to improve quality of food, food, food additives, has the very vital role. Proper use of food additives, contribute to food security.

The newly revised standards of using food additives (GB2760-2014) is the foundation of the national food safety standard system in the important standard, already was promulgated on December 24, 2014, on May 24, 2015.

In the "2015 China flavors security technology BBS BBS" period, the professor JiHeLi detailed interpretation GB2760-2014.

For a long time, food, food additives, production and technical personnel are used to according to the function of food additive category to find and choose food additives; While the 2014 version and 2014, 2007 edition of the standards of using food additives is different from previous versions. 2014 version with reference to international codex alimentarius commission, the framework of the food additives standard code of food additives, can be divided into two parts: part of the restrictions on the use range and the dose; The other part is according to the production need to use, they are listed in order of Chinese pinyin word. Food additive production and application of personnel should understand the rules in a timely manner.

JiHeLi professor pointed out that food practitioners must clear definition and scope of food additives. Food additives is to improve the food quality and color, aroma, taste, and for the sake of corrosion protection, preservation and processing technology to join in food synthetic or natural substances. Food with spices, food processing AIDS are also included.

Without safety evaluation, and not all the matter in normal food composition, are not food additives, including: 1. Chemical raw materials, mainly formaldehyde, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, boric acid (sodium), oxalic acid, etc. 2. Biological extracts, including all kinds of plant extracts, herbal extracts, antibody protein, etc.

Through the safety evaluation of industrial grade, reagent grade, feed grade material, or as food additives.

No food additives on the pharmaceutical grade raw material, not food additives. Category included in the scope of food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, the use of food additive regulations. Medical grade, reagent grade, industrial grade alcohol cannot be used in food production. The new food raw materials not in accordance with relevant provisions of the food additive is used.

JiHeLi Shanghai food additives association secretary-general pointed out that in the application of food additives, not abuse in principle. In the following cases, the food additives by food ingredients (including food additives) into food: 1) according to the standard, allows the use of the food additive in food ingredients; 2) the amount of the additives in the food ingredients should not exceed the permitted maximum amount; 3) should be used in normal production process under the condition of these ingredients, and the content of the additive in food should not be more than the ingredients into the level; 4) by the ingredients into the amount of the additives in food should be significantly lower than directly add it into the food usually required level.

Spices security technical support

Huabao international holdings limited technical consultant, senior engineer, zhang pointed out on this BBS, food safety has always been a hot issue of society, related to food additives and food ingredients also influenced by the social and public attention. As part of the food additives, edible flavor were also caught the attention of the height of the social from all walks of life.

Zhang Ningcong management regulations of the natural flavor and the Angle of science and technology, analyzes the differences between China and the European and American countries. Outside the eu manufacturers want to sell fragrance raw materials into the eu market, must meet the standards of the eu.

Used to flavor compounds must be approved in the eu directory, and the European Union more strict management of the natural fragrance raw materials: 1. Limited use. The limited use of natural flavor includes 11: beta asarone, grass artemisia brain, hydrocyanic acid, peppermint furan, methyl eugenol, thujone, quassin or safrole, caddis glycosides A, hu mint ketone and coumarin. Safrole limited: in the use of several kinds of food, meat products, 15 PPM one over one million (PPM); Fish products, 15 PPM. Soup and sauce, 25 PPM. Soft drinks, 1 PPM. 2. It is prohibited to use. Calamus banned in the eu as a fragrance raw materials. 3. The processing conditions. Processing conditions of flavoring substances should comply with the relevant provisions, including pH, temperature and time. 4. The provisions of the polycyclic complex aromatic amine. The material of set limit to is less than 50 PPB.

Natural flavor to enter the eu market, must adopt advanced technology, reduce the harmful substances in the natural flavor and improving the quality of the product safety, the flavor quality in accordance with the eu safety standards. Can be used to removal or partial removal of harmful ingredients in natural flavor technology including secondary distillation, fine fractional distillation, molecular distillation, solvent extraction, membrane separation, freezing crystallization, etc.

Aromatic plants are an important source of natural spices, essential oils extracted from aromatic plants which can be widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics. Yao Lei fragrant plant r&d center of Shanghai jiao tong university professor in the speech, to enhance the security of aromatic essential oil, must be from the fragrant plant breeding, cultivation, harvesting, transportation and oil processing and extraction, the workshop hygiene environment control, packaging, standards, testing, and other links, adopt scientific and effective measures.

To improve the sanitary conditions of the production workshop, can control the harmful material such as microorganisms, dust pollution to the natural flavor, help to achieve cleaner production, improve the quality of spices security, the purpose of ensuring food safety. Spices, as a kind of additive, although not directly for human consumption and daub, but its safety and quality of food, medicines and other health products have important influences safety and quality, using high safety of spices to produce food and drug safety will also be increased accordingly.

, according to the health product disinfection technical personnel using NICOLER dynamic disinfection technology, dynamic, dual-core ozone sterilization and disinfection devices, can effectively the air of natural spices processing and packaging workshop, production equipment, instruments, such as sterilization, to prevent microbial contamination, so as to improve the safety and quality of natural flavor.

NICOLER disinfection technology refers to the man-machine can realistically synchronous operation mode of sterilization, in production workshop disinfection, workers do not need to leave, do not have a harm to human body health, so called dynamic disinfection. Within the spice production workshop, dynamic disinfection equipment processing clean air with high levels of fast circulation flow, make spice workshop keep clean in health status, can prevent microbial contamination of spices, to ensure the safety of food, medicine and cosmetics.

China need to establish their own spices safety inspection system

During the period of this BBS, adjunct professor of Shanghai institute of applied technology ChengJunYi senior engineer, China should set up their own as soon as possible the high level of flavors safety inspection system.

Perfume fragrance is an important part of food additives, its various and complex, bring difficulties to safety inspection.

Some flavors contain harmful ingredients, must cause the attention of relevant departments. For example, cinnamon oil contains coumarin; Nutmeg oil, aniseed oil, ylang ylang oil contains safrole; Extract contains heavy metals and arsenic; In maillard reaction to produce a large number of flavoring substances at the same time, also can produce a large amount of harmful ingredients.

In addition, some perfumery plant to reduce cost and obtain more profits, at the same time in order to meet the requirements of the aroma, adulterated in the essential oil, add the inedible substances, harmful to human body health.

In order to ensure quality of flavors, must strengthen the detection work. The basic pattern of flavors safety testing for sensory, physical and chemical testing, component analysis. Essence consists of numerous fragrant ingredients, incense material safety is the basis of the essence safety and guarantee, so, to the raw material must be fully determined.

In the flavors of quality management, the European and American countries has formed the corresponding management system. ChengJunYi completely believe that management mode for Europe and the United States, our country can reference, reference, but not blindly follow. Our country should perfect the national standard as soon as possible, establish independent audit mechanism.

As soon as possible at the same time, our country should set up their own high level of flavors safety inspection system, cultivate a group of rich experience of learning and the theory of evaluation ability of experts, engaged in the high level of toxicology, physiology, pathology, animal studies, and in immunology, genetics and other aspects of the experiment and research.

The national light industry flavoring industry productivity promotion center director professor shaw as a soldier, points out that in order to ensure the security of flavors of product quality, from raw material to produce, technology research and development, product preparation, quality control efforts in many aspects, in the standard rules and constraints, safety risk assessment, perfecting the examination system, the breakthrough of technology innovation, benign market guidance, etc., should also be positive action.

Due to the changing market situation, to better communicate information industry development, promote the development of perfume fragrance industry steadily, Shanghai flavors and cosmetic research center and the national light industry flavoring industry productivity promotion center, Shanghai institute of applied technology, will also be in golden October, jointly organized the "2015 Shanghai, China, the fourth session of national flavors cosmetics special academic BBS", BBS theme is: the science and technology prize, collaborative innovation, and sustainable development.