March 23th-25th, 2016 FIC the 20th Food Ingredients China Exhibition

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    FIC2016 comply with the demand of industry development new lines of natural extracts, functional ingredients exhibition area, strengthening mechanism, food safety testing instruments.

    With FIC show strong brand effect of explosion, the exhibition scale expands unceasingly, FIC2015 has reached more than 106000 square meters exhibition area, to become the world's large international food ingredients brand exhibition, food additives, food ingredients industry at home and abroad and the whole food chain industry wide gain much attentions and favor, registered professional audiences of more than 40000 people!

    On March 23th to 25th, 2016, FIC will hold conference at the national convention center National Convention and Exhibition Centre in Shanghai. In order to further improve the quality of FIC international brand exhibition, and better serve the food industry and food ingredients enterprise, continuously to meet the needs of food product market segment, FIC2016 according to the characteristics of the mega exhibition has been formed, will be in the old international exhibition, exhibition of domestic essence seasoning exhibition, product exhibition, machinery exhibition, on the basis of new lines of natural product line, extract and functional ingredients exhibition and machinery, food safety testing instruments exhibition, more subdivided specialized exhibition area, to better serve the exhibitors, more satisfy and convenient professional audiences to visit, procurement, the convenience of one-stop shopping for professional audiences. So as to realize the quality of international brand exhibition further sublimation, better service to the international food industry chain, make the FIC exhibition in international food ingredients industry to better play the role of ensuring food safety.